Almost 700,000 patients are 'dealt with' by the NHS every day in the UK. I am extrapolating the '1million patients every 36 hours' reference for England on the NHS website. 

That is potentially 2,555,000,000 (just over a quarter of a billion) per annum. It is an amazing and incredible amount of work - 4 'dealt withs' for every one of us in the UK.

Department for Work and Pensions data confirms 18,258 clinical negligence compensation claims were made last year (of 998,359 compensation claims in all).  Put another way about 50 people per day suffered injury (from the very modest to life changing) as a result of what they assert amounts to clinical negligence. 

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has published a briefing in connection with Government Proposals For Reform of Legal Claims Against the NHS. Follow this link