I am all for raising awareness and understanding of spinal cord injuries. I was asked again earlier this week (and not for the first time) 'what is the difference between tetraplegic and quadriplegic?'

The answer is that 'tetraplegic' is the correct way to describe paralysis of all four limbs; quadriplegic mixes the Latin word (quadri) with Greek word(plegia).

The www.apparelyzed.com website has much more information on all things spinal cord injury - and interestingly provides further insight on the tetra/quadri question....

"In 1991, when the American Spinal Cord Injury Classification system was being revised, the difference in names was discussed. Upon review of the literature, it was recommended that the term tetraplegia be used by the American Spinal Cord Association  so that there are not two different words in English referring to the same thing"