You may have read recently that Gary Lineker recently gave his thoughts on the English divorce process in which he suggested that "lawyers" promote acrimony and animosity between separating couples in order to increase their own income. I will deliberately hold off on giving my opinion on Gary's comments (based on the fact I am slightly biased) but what did interest me was his comment on marriage "generally."

Gary is quoted as saying that it is very easy to get married and very difficult to get divorced. It is with this that I take exception. Marriage is intended to be for a solemn commitment and one that is not entered into lightly. It may well be easy to get married. It should be! But the decision to marry and the commitment you are making should not be something that can easily be brushed aside when you are done with it. 

In a disposable world, where anything and everything can be replaced, I for one am in favour of ensuring that if you enter into a marriage, you do so knowing that it is intended to be for life and will not be so easily disposed of.