Celebrity divorces appear to be increasingly popular within the tabloids but it is the specifics of the divorces that are important. Many scrutinise the publicity of failing celebrity marriages but in certain circumstances the tabloids can uncover helpful points.

Take the recent divorce of Kaley Cuoco (Penny from The Big Bang Theory). Her split from former husband Ryan Sweeting after less than two years of marriage appears to have identified the importance of obtaining a well-made pre-nuptial agreement. According to sources, the pre-nuptial agreement enabled Kaley to retain the vast majority of her substantial wealth (including the couple's mansion and Californian beach house). 

Whilst the couple's divorce took place in a different jurisdiction, it allows me to shine a light on the position of the English Courts. Many people mistakenly believe that a pre-nup in England is not worth the paper it is written on. This is not the case. A recent Supreme Court decision has changed the position in England and Wales to the point where pre-nuptial agreement are being given greater weight. Provided the pre-nuptial agreement is fair, entered into voluntarily (without duress), well in advance of the prospective wedding and both partners receive legal advice, the Court are likely to uphold the terms of the agreement.