The article below highlights an issue that people often overlook. Very few people consider divorce, before it occurs. Why would they? And why should they? Unlike death, divorce is not certain, but with 2009 UK statistics showing that 47% of marriages end in divorce, it is extremely likely that you (or someone you know) will go through a divorce at some point in their life.

Despite this overwhelming statistic, many people are afraid to talk about divorce. Either their own experiences, the experience of others, or what to expect. In my experience, the opportunity to talk to someone openly, without fear of judgement, can go a long way to aiding the "recovery" process. At Brethertons we do our utmost to ensure that you are given that chance. The chance to speak with someone not only from a legal perspective, but from a personal perspective. We have an in-house counsellor/therapist who specialises in all aspects of relationship counselling, not just separation.