As hard as this may be to believe, the tabloids can often exaggerate or fabricate certain stories. The 'Quickie Divorce' is my favourite example. Year after year we are made to read headlines about how Mr and Mrs 'X' obtained a divorce in record time and have now gone their separate ways. The reality is that if the couple divorced in England or Wales (as Billie Piper did) they will most certainly not have had a quick divorce.

The average divorce can take anywhere between 5 - 18 months, taking into account Court timetabling and filing of documents. There are no shortcuts or fast-tracking for celebrities. Anyone who wishes to obtain a divorce through the English Court system must follow the same protocol. Any inference otherwise or suggestion otherwise is misleading.

The quote below however, is absolutely false. A Decree Nisi is NOT the closest option English law offers to a no fault divorce. English law does not offer no fault divorce! A Decree Nisi is the first Decree obtained within a divorce. It is confirmation that you are entitled to a divorce on the grounds sought. After receiving Decree Nisi, you MUST wait at least 6 weeks before applying for Decree Absolute.