We hear from our clients of the importance of receiving specialist care from a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Centre both in the acute phase following injury and throughout their lives as they remain a patient of the Centre for life. In the early days following injury or later in their lives when they need to be readmitted to hospital those with a Spinal Cord Injury may not have access to a specialist Centre and this study highlights the importance of non- specialist units collaborating with SCI centres to improve the care they receive. 

The subject of specialist care for those who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury has been the focus of the  All Party Parliamentary Group on Spinal Cord Injury and the Spinal Injury Association's "Strike a Cord" campaign which is raising awareness of cut backs on funding for SCI centres which is having a detrimental impact on the care received.  For more information please see my blog www.brethertons.co.uk/site/blog/spinal-blog/all-party-parliamentary-group-on-spinal-cord-injury and www.spinal.co.uk/news/strike-a-cord-launches