Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common and they should not be seen as tools used by the 'super rich' or celebrities in order to protect their millions. The reality is that with the continued rise of house prices and the increasing difficulty young couples have in getting onto the property ladder, the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' are often stepping in to help their children take that all important step.

With such a heavy financial investment being made by parents it is understandable that they would want to protect their investment/gift in order to ensure that, should the worst happen, their child is the one benefitting. Prenuptial agreements will protect such an investment but can only be made if their is a marriage on the horizon. But what if your child isn't looking to get married and simply wants to buy a property with their partner? There are alternatives to prenuptial agreements that can be utilised if parents are making such investments without the prospect of their children getting married in the near future. Cohabitation agreements and trust documents can be implemented which offer a similar level of protection to couples and parents who wish to protect their interests.